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Want To Reach Celebrity Status In Your Market Without Spending Millions?

How To Get Your Story Into The Media & Increase Sales Overnight In <90 Days

(Without Hiring Expensive PR Companies...)

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In Today's Free Web Class:

 Secret #1: Media Planning.

''The 2 things successfull PR companies do when Planning to get FREE news coverage for a business.''

 Secret #1: Media Planning.

''The 2 things successfull PR companies do when Planning to get FREE news coverage for a business.''

 Secret #2: Writing Hacks.

''How to use a proven writing framework to write punchy stories about your business in less than 2hs'' 

 Secret #2: Writing Hacks.

''How to use a proven writing framework to write punchy stories about your business in less than 2hs'' 

 Secret #3: Media Outreach.

​''How to get millions of news readers to read about your business By reaching out to the Right journalists''

 Secret #3: Media Outreach.

​''How to get millions of news readers to read about your business By reaching out to the Right journalists''


The PR Power Program

A 4 week video program that gives you all the strategies, tools and templates you
need to land priceless media coverage that can skyrocket your business

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A Step-By-Step On How To Get Your Brand Featured In Forbes, BBC, Fox Business & Others Without Hiring A PR Agency

As a business owner you need loyal, raving customers - and lots of them - to boost sales, grow your business and expand your brand presence.

Paid traffic channels are a proven way to attract a constant and steady stream of customers. Most business owners are happy to fork out thousands - even millions - to Google and Facebook every year to bring in traffic and sales.

Yet what most business owners don’t realise is that you can use PR to generate more leads and sales than you have ever imagined...

Get influencers excited to talk about what you do…

Instantly boost your trust and authority...

And even have your brand featured on TV shows and popular news websites and publications…

...all essentially for free.

DIY PR Course Shows You How To Secure Priceless Media Coverage In Forbes, Sunrise, Daily Mail & More...

It’s so simple. With our live, 4 week PR Power Program and follow the same system that has allowed me and my clients to get hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of press coverage FREE of charge. Your business or brand could become a viral, social media sensation (and finally get you that elusive ‘blue tick’), feature in major news articles or become a favourite for influencers.

You could even find yourself interviewed on major TV programs like Sunrise or Good Morning America. That’s the kind of publicity that can blow up a business overnight.

For the last 24 years, we’ve helped our clients get featured on Foxtel, Fox News, Daily Mail, Studio 10, BBC, Bloomberg, Sunrise, TMZ and more and it's your turn now!

Some Of Our Most Notable International Clients...

''I got featured by Dailymail,, Courier Mail, etc to tell my story'' ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Luke Maguire

''I have done both a BBC and Forbes interview thanks to Adrian''
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Harry Sanders

''Adrian holds nothing back in this course''
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Dennis Hall

''Thank you for helping me build an empire''
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Julian Moss

Now, we’ve packaged up all the PR secrets, tips, strategies and tools we’ve developed over the last 24 years for clients into an online program for the everyday business owner.

The PR Power Program will teach you everything (and we mean everything) you need to become your own PR ‘rockstar’.

Now the question is...

Are You Up For The Challenge?

Over the span of 4 weeks, Adrian Falk, founder of Believe Advertising & PR will share with you the publicity-grabbing secrets he has picked up over more than 20 years perched at the bleeding edge of the global PR industry.

Inside the PR Power Program, you’ll discover...

  • ​How to lock in brand-boosting PR in major news websites, publications and TV shows like Fox News, Studio 10, TMZ, Sunrise, Forbes, Entrepreneur, BBC, Bloomberg and more
  • ​It’s all about your story! Learn how to craft an exciting, emotion-dripping brand story that attracts journalist attention like a magnet (even if you ‘hate’ writing)
  • ​Learn the inside story on the types of media outlets you should target that almost guarantees you’ll land big PR opportunities
  • ​How to connect with famous influencers that can make your business an overnight sensation
  • ​‘Steal’ my proven press release template: use this template to quickly and easily whip up press releases that media outlets love
  • ​Become a social media ‘wizard’: Discover the strategies we’re using right now to help clients dominate social media channels using all the trust and authority you’ve just earned from PR
  • ​How to use to PR to open the floodgates to more sales, more leads and greater brand presence
  • ​And much, much more!

Is The PR Power Program Right For Me?

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Coaches, Experts, Speakers, Authors, Service Provieers, Agencies benefit the most from PR Power Program but also....

  • Insurance
  • ​Craftsmen
  • ​Construction
  • ​​Fitness trainers
  • ​​Course Creators
  • ​​Ecommerce stores
  • ​​Weight Loss Programs
  • ​Digital Financial Programs
  • ​Health products & Health Programs
  • ​​Personal Development & Spirituality
  • ​​Business Service Providers
  • ​Games & Recreation
  • ​​Beverage Industry
  • ​Software & Apps
  • ​Female Products
  • ​​Events of all kind
  • ​House Services
  • ​Digital Services
  • ​Food Industry​​
  • ​​Gastronomy
  • ​Education

The PR Power Program is an online public relations workshop that’s perfect for the small to medium sized business owner who would like to know how to secure business boosting press coverage - without having to pay an agency thousands of dollars.

The PR Power Program is a great fit for you if...

You’re on a shoestring budget: We get it. When you’re just starting out you don’t necessarily have the funds to splash on a big budget marketing campaign. That’s why we’ve focused on making our program as affordable as possible. From as little as $497, this program is a bargain when you consider that hiring a pro-publicist will cost you upwards of $20k per campaign.

You rely on authority and trust to win customers: One of (if not THE) best way to show you're an expert and thought leader in your industry is get your business and brand in front of the eyes of your target market. Quality PR is your fast-track to spreading word about your brand. Plus, the ROI from one or two solid PR campaigns can easily exceed 100x.

You want a proven way to accelerate your brand presence and boost sales: The PR Power Program will equip you with all the essential skills you need to gain priceless - and essentially free - press coverage. While your competitors fight to get their ads running with increasing paid traffic budgets, you could be featured in major newspapers, podcasts or even appear on TV programs.

But... I have tried doing PR before And It Didn't Work Out!

It hurts when you put time, effort and money into PR and don’t get a whole lot to show for it. However, we’ve found the reason people who try PR fail is because core elements of a successful PR plan are missing. Just like you need a strong foundation to build a house, you need a good base of skills to launch an uber-successful PR blitz. The PR Power Program Reveals the 4 core elements of a Successful PR campaign in detail (more on that below).

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Meet Your Instructor...

Adrian Falk

Believe Advertising & PR was founded 20 years ago by Adrian Falk and has generated hundreds of news stories for clients, generating them millions of dollars in free press coverage across all industries. Adrian will offer you his 24 years of experience in the industry and how you can learn the tools of the trade to tap into the world of press coverage, for just $497.

What You'll Get
From PR Power Program:

Each weekly class is divided into a specific are of PR that's critical to your overall success in pitching media outlets and booking precious coverage. Below you'll find a breakdown of each week and all the goodies that are included...

Week 1 - Media Planning Secrets

"1hr Of Planning Saves 13h Of Execution"

Total Value: $2,450

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Understand your brand’s purpose
An effective PR campaign hinges on understanding your brands purpose. Here we'll extract the purpose of your brand and how your brand serves others. We'll also cover why PR should play a major part in your overall marketing mix.

Know and understand your audience
It's difficult to know which media outlets to target when you don't have a grasp on who your audience is. Here we'll ask questions like: what appeals to my target market? What makes them stop what they’re doing and show interest in me or my business? What media sites does my audience consume?
Identify your top 3-5 media outlets

Once we've got a handle on purpose and audience we can start working out which media outlets are best to target and pitch. Here Adrian will walk you through the best media outlets for your brand and business.

Week 2 - Storytelling Secrets

"Crafting Emotional & Relevant Stories"

Total Value: $997

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How does your brand change lives?
Understanding how your brand affects your target audience is a big part of forming your brand story. A brand story is what will get journalists to sit up and take notice of your brand. Here we'll extract the 'big idea' behind your brand and use it to craft your story.

Why social proof is essential to your story
Here you'll utilise customer testimonials and success stories to inject more life into your story and pitch. Social proof is a powerful tool to relate to your target audience and the media.

How to craft the perfect, attention-getting headline
The purpose of your headline is to get the media reading your story. So, you need to ensure you craft a compelling headline that gets someone to continue reading. Adrian will take you through 5 five fool-proof ways to write headlines that attract attention like filings to a magnet.

Week 3- PR Writing Secrets

"Writing Press Releases That Sell"

Total Value: $1,497

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Learn Adrian's proven press release framework he has used to book millions of dollars worth of media coverage across the globe. This press release framework could take your business from 'unknown' to 'viral sensation' overnight!

Not a writer? No problems?
Adrian will show you how to write a killer press release - even if you hate writing.

Five press release 'killers' to avoid at all costs
Discover the five things you should avoid adding to your press release and why each one turns off media outlets.

Week 4- PR Pitching Secrets

"Making Journalists Answer!"

Total Value: $1,997

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How to find & identify the right journalists to talk to...
who has access to your potential audience? Discover how to quickly find and extract journalists' contact information.

How to pitch media outlets and get coverage that can put your business on the map
Adrian will show you how to select and pitch the media outlets that fit your target market criteria. You'll learn how to best pitch your story and how to identify the editors and influencers that can help you promote your story and how to connect with them.

The five things your should NEVER, EVER say to a journalist when pitching your story
If you want any hope of getting a journalist excited about your pitch and story...don't say any of these five things

If you join in the following 24 hours, you'll get the Web Class Discount for $583 OFF!

23Hours 59Minutes 59Seconds

AND The first 10 People Joining Today Will Get $1,644 Worth Of Bonuses, Free!

Bonus 1- The Persuasive Press Release Template.

Total Value: $497

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Have one of my most successful press release templates
I use to make my stories news-worthy boosting the chances of getting published without having to start writing from scratch everytime! This template alone is responsible for getting me millions of dollars in free press coverage.

Bonus 2 - Million Dollar Media Email Outreach Sequence.

Total Value: $650

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The exact text I use for the first, second, and follow-up emails to journalists when trying to get them to publish my story. These emails work even if no one knows you or if the journalist you are reaching out to works for a big international media company. Its current response rate is 45%.

Bonus 3- A 30min 1:1 PR Strategy Call With Adrian.

Total Value: $297

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Have one of my most successful press release templates
I use to make my stories news-worthy boosting the chances of getting published without having to start writing from scratch everytime! This template alone is responsible for getting me millions of dollars in free press coverage.

Let Me Show You Everything You Get With PR Power Program

  • Week 1: Media Planning Secrets (Valued At $2,450)
  • ​Week 2: Storytelling Secrets (Valued At $997)
  • ​Week 3: PR Writing Secrets (Valued At $1,497)
  • Week 4: PR Pitching Secrets (Valued At $1,997)
  • Program Value: $6,941
  • ​Bonus #1: The Persuasive Press Release Template. ($497)
  • Bonus #2: Million Dollar Email Outreach Sequence for Journalists ($650)
  • ​Bonus #3: A 30min 1:1 PR Strategy Call With Adrian Falk ($297)
  • Bonuses Value: $1,644

Total Value: $8,585

Today's Price: $497
or $199 + 2 Installments

So if you are the type of person that scrolls down to the bottom of the page to see what the offer is all about...

Over 4 weeks, Adrian distils the proven techniques and strategies you’ll need to get big media publications to mention your business/brand FREE of charge.

You get $8,585 worth of content and bonuses and 20+ years of precious PR knowledge squeezed into a 4-week masterclass for the small investment of $497 as long as you join in the next 24 hours.

That's $583 OFF the full price of $1,080 - a 53% saving when you pay upfront. Alternatively you can use split pay and join PR Power Program for just $199 + 2 equal installments over the next 2 months.

If you join among the next 10 people joining today you'll receive three special bonuses including a 1:1 strategy call with Adrian right after finishing the course.

No matter which payment option you choose - you're getting a bargain when you consider one news story or one appearance on a TV program could equal a 5x, 10x, 20x or more ROI and send thousands - maybe hundreds of thousands - of dollars into your bank account.

To get started, simply scroll down and click the 'join now' button below. Before you do that, though, let me talk about our guarantee...

Get Publicity Inside 90 Days - Or We Rewrite Your Press Release Guarantee!

We’re so confident in the course material you’ll discover in the PR Masterclass Program that if you complete the course in full, apply your PR plan and still don’t get publicity within 90 days of course completion, we’ll rewrite your press release using our proven ‘million dollar’ press release template - for FREE.

$583 OFF Web Class Discount Applied For The Next:

23Hours 59Minutes 59Seconds

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